Is Your Bladder Acting Up?

When your urologist conducts an initial assessment to determine if you have Overactive Bladder or other urinary issues, it would be helpful for you to take the following quiz. Print & check all that apply to you. It is better to treat symptoms timely than to risk the problem getting worse.

Feels like I go to the bathroom frequently
I have an overwhelming urge to urinate that can be difficult to control
If I drink something, it feels like I have to urinate immediately
Having to go to the bathroom frequently causes distractions in my life
I feel a strong and sudden urge to urinate despite going recently
Sometimes when I urinate, it is only a few drops or small amount
At times I feel as if I will not make it to the bathroom in time
Leakage, despite the amount, has occurred during sleep
At times, I limit my fluid intake afraid that I will need to urinate immediately
I have avoided sexual intercourse because I have or may leak
I use the bathroom more than 8 times during the day
I get up more than twice during the night to use the bathroom
I am bothered by the number of times I have to urinate!

If you have tried non-interventional treatments such as medications, physical therapy and other behavioral methods, but are still suffering from bladder control issues, you may need further evaluation. Answers to the following questions can help assess patients who may benefit from interventional therapy such as Botox, Neuromodulation or Nerve Stimulation:

  • How long has the leakage been present?
  • Is frequency, urgency, or nocturia occurring?
  • Do you have a history of recurrent UTIs?
  • Do you have a history of obstructive symptoms?
  • Have you had previous surgeries that may be causing the symptoms?
  • Do you suffer from additional significant medical problems?
  • How are the symptoms impacting daily activities? Are there activities that you no longer enjoy because of bladder control problems?
  • Does your bladder control problem occupy your thoughts?
  • What are your voiding patterns? (Many patients void frequently to keep their bladder volumes low in an attempt to avoid or minimize the impact of their stress or overflow incontinence.)
  • Are you taking medication that may be causing urinary side effects?
  • What is your daily liquid intake, as well as daily intake of caffeine and alcohol?
  • Have you worn absorbent pads or have extra clothes/underwear on hand when you leave home in case of leakage?