Penile Implant

Erectile dysfunction can often be treated with pharmacologic therapy; such interventions can include oral medications or medicines placed directly into the penis. In the event that such interventions are inadequate, uncomfortable or unwanted, surgical interventions for erectile dysfunction should be considered. A penile prosthesis is a discrete, surgically implanted device, which provides the user with an erection on demand. Through a small 3-4 cm incision on the lower abdomen or scrotum, an inflatable device can be placed within the penis to ensure firm erections whenever desired; these devices are placed under the skin and are undetectable to the eye. Sexual sensation remains unchanged. The user will be able to maintain a firm, rigid erection until he chooses to deflate the device. The user will still be able to climax and ejaculate as he did before surgery.

Inflatable penile prostheses can be placed during an outpatient surgical procedures or a one day hospital stay. Pain from these procedures is often minimal with most men requiring very little narcotic pain medication after surgery. Patient satisfaction scores after penile prosthesis placement are the highest of all therapies for erectile dysfunction. 95% of men with penile prostheses are glad they had the surgery performed and would recommend the therapy to a friend with similar problems. Such success and satisfaction rates far exceed those of medical and mechanical interventions for erectile dysfunction.